Regardless of who built them or how, I see pyramids as signs of humanity’s low level of skill in the universe.

Basically, a pyramid is a mound, and mounds, as you may know, are one of the first things children make when playing in sand, dirt, or mud.

It is rather easy to pile things up; it is also very satisfying.

Even with basements, floors after floors, and other architectural accoutrements a pyramid is still a pile of material stuff.

Forget about gravity orb sleep pods, electro-magnetic wave skimming houseboats, or whatever imagination can dream up for the future to invent or ignore, we still pile a bunch of things together and call it a success.

The simplicity of something so epic makes me wonder about other parts of life like social, scientific, religious norms and traditions. How simple, and probably stupid, our practices must be to someone with a much longer history and much better piles of things.

So long as pyramids are a mystery and a subject of modern architecture I think it’s important to look at them and be reminded how long we have to go and just how silly much of what we do actually is–the point being, don’t take it too seriously!

And in case this thought depresses you, just think, building up a pyramid mound is more difficult than digging a hole.



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